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Most Popular Types of Ice By Brand

By Automatic Ice • Aug 15, 2023

Most popular Types of Ice By Brand

Most Popular Types of Ice By Brand

Types of Ice Graphic, half dice, dice, medium, small, square, crescent, and nugget

Ice, an essential component of various beverages and culinary creations, comes in a variety of forms to suit different needs. Commercial and residential settings alike rely on ice machines to produce large quantities of ice. Five prominent names in the ice machine industry are Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, Koolaire, Hoshizaki, and Scotsman. Each brand offers a unique range of ice types and machines tailored to specific requirements. Let's take a closer look at the different types of ice these manufacturers offer and the machines that create them.

1. Manitowoc

Manitowoc is renowned for its innovation and cutting-edge technology in ice production. The brand offers several types of ice, each designed to cater to diverse preferences and applications:

  • Regular Cubes: Classic and versatile, regular cubes are commonly used in restaurants, bars, and beverage service establishments. They cool drinks without excessive dilution.

  • Dice Cubes: Similar to regular cubes but with a slightly larger size, dice cubes provide excellent cooling and a longer-lasting chill.

  • Flake Ice: This type of ice is popular in seafood and produce displays. It's soft and moldable, making it ideal for creating attractive displays while maintaining product freshness.

  • Nugget Ice: Also known as "chewable ice," nugget ice is perfect for healthcare facilities, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores. Its soft and chewable texture makes it a favorite among consumers.

2. Ice-O-Matic

Ice-O-Matic's focus on versatility and performance is evident in its selection of ice types, each designed to meet specific demands:

  • Cube Ice: The classic cube ice produced by Ice-O-Matic is known for its exceptional clarity and slow-melting properties. This makes it a perfect choice for upscale dining, cocktail lounges, and any establishment that values both aesthetics and drink quality.

  • Pearl Ice: Also known as "nugget ice," pearl ice is soft, chewable, and ideal for a variety of applications. It's a favorite in healthcare facilities, convenience stores, and restaurants where patrons enjoy munching on their ice.

  • Half-Dice Ice: These smaller, half-dice ice cubes offer rapid cooling due to their increased surface area. They're a popular choice for busy bars, cafes, and fast-food establishments that need efficient and effective cooling.

  • Full-Dice Ice: With a larger size compared to half-dice ice, full-dice cubes are perfect for beverage service in restaurants and bars. They deliver excellent cooling without excessive dilution.

3. Koolaire

Koolaire, a subsidiary of Manitowoc, focuses on delivering high-quality ice machines at a more affordable price point. The brand primarily offers two types of ice:

  • Half-Dice Cubes: These smaller, half-dice cubes offer faster cooling and greater surface area, making them perfect for beverages that need rapid chilling.

  • Dice Cubes: Koolaire's Dice cube is a larger cube just under 1". Perfect for beverage service in restaurants and bars.

4. Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki is synonymous with durability and precision engineering. The brand's ice machines produce crystal-clear ice, focusing on purity and taste. Hoshizaki offers the following ice types:

  • Cube Ice: Known for its clarity and slow melting properties, cube ice is favored in upscale restaurants and bars where aesthetics and drink quality are paramount.

  • Crescent Ice: With its unique shape, crescent ice fits well in beverage cups, helping to displace liquid and reduce splashing. Large Craft Cube: Square Ice or Sphere ice are customer craft cubes made my hoshizaki exclusively. These units offer perfect Sphere ice and a 2" x 2" x 2" cube.

  • Top Hat Ice: This ice type is elegant and slow-melting, making it suitable for upscale establishments that want to elevate the presentation of their drinks.

5. Scotsman

Scotsman is a global leader in ice technology, offering a wide range of ice shapes for various industries:

  • Gourmet Ice: This type of ice is clear, pure, and slow-melting, making it an excellent choice for high-end cocktails and premium beverages.

  • Nugget Ice: This specific type of ice is often referred to as Sonic Ice, a soft ice that melts quickly but is preferred by many as an exceptional ice.

  • Flake Ice: Scotsman's flake ice is commonly used in the seafood and medical industries, thanks to its soft texture and rapid cooling properties.

In conclusion, the world of ice is as diverse as the applications it serves. Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, Koolaire, Hoshizaki, and Scotsman offer an impressive array of ice types, each catering to specific needs. Whether you're looking for the perfect ice for cocktails, displays, or healthcare settings, these manufacturers have you covered with their advanced ice machine technology. As you navigate the world of frozen excellence, consider the unique qualities each brand brings to the table to find the perfect fit for your requirements.

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