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The Power Of Choice: The Best Commercial Ice equipment you can get!

By Automatic Ice • Aug 28, 2023

We offer the best commercial Ice equipment options and Brands.

The Power of Choice: Why our Full service Agreement providing Manitowoc/Koolaire Cubers, Hoshizaki Crescent Cubes, Specialty Cubes, and Scotsman Nuggets Makes Sense.

In the world of ice, where every beverage is elevated and every presentation matters, the choice of ice can be just as important as the drink itself. When it comes to providing top-notch ice solutions for various occasions, the full service options from leading brands like Manitowoc/Koolaire, Hoshizaki, and Scotsman shine. Let's delve into why we pick to work with each brand, their distinct ice machines—cubers, crescent cubes, specialty cubes, and nuggets—can be a game-changer for businesses and events.

1. Versatility and Convenience: Manitowoc/Koolaire Cubers

Manitowoc/Koolaire is synonymous with innovation and reliability in the ice industry. Their cuber ice machines deliver the classic and versatile ice cube shapes that have become a staple in restaurants, bars, and events. By choosing our Full-service Agreement Manitowoc/Koolaire cubers, you gain access to a consistent supply of regular and half-dice cubes, perfect for a wide range of beverages. From cooling cocktails to filling up water glasses, these machines are designed for efficiency and convenience.

Manitowoc Cuber on a bin.

2. A Touch of Elegance: Hoshizaki Crescent Cubes

When elegance and aesthetics are paramount, Hoshizaki's crescent cubes take center stage. Their unique shape not only adds visual appeal to drinks but also displaces liquid to reduce splashing. Crescent cubes are ideal for upscale dining establishments and events where presentation matters as much as taste. By opting to rent Hoshizaki's crescent cube machines, you bring a touch of sophistication to your beverage service, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Hoshizaki Crescent Cube machine

3. Elevating Presentation: Specialty Cubes

For those seeking to truly stand out and enhance their ice game, specialty cubes from Hoshizaki offer a diverse array of options. These ice types include Large Cube, and Sphere Ice Hoshizaki allows you to tailor your ice to specific occasions, making a visual impact that leaves guests in awe.

Hoshizaki Square Cube / Sphere Cube

4. Chewing on Excellence: Scotsman Nuggets

When it comes to catering to different preferences, Scotsman nugget ice—also known as cubelet ice—offers a unique and delightful experience. Its soft and chewable texture makes it a favorite among consumers, from healthcare settings to convenience stores and beyond. By choosing to rent Scotsman nugget ice machines, you tap into a market that appreciates this distinctive ice type for its versatile applications and enjoyable chewing experience.

Scotsman Nugget Sonic Ice

5. Flexibility and Budget-Friendly Solutions

One of the key advantages of our Full service ice machines from these renowned brands is the flexibility it offers. Our Full Service Agreement allows you to access cutting-edge ice technology without the upfront investment required for purchasing. This is particularly advantageous for bars, coffee Shops, and Hotels. You can scale up or down based on demand, ensuring you always have the right amount of ice without worrying about maintenance and repairs.


In the world of ice, the choices are abundant, and each type of ice machine brings its own charm to the table. Having options for ice machines from Manitowoc/Koolaire, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and other leading brands allows you to access a wide range of ice types tailored to your needs. From classic cubes to crescent, specialty designs, and chewable nuggets, our equipment offer versatility, convenience, and worry free service. By making the choice to have Automatic Ice Provide your ice equipment, you can focus on taking care of your customers and guests.

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